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Sanelli Concrete : Concrete work that we do

Footings / Slabs

Footings/slabs are the most important elements to consider for any building. If the footings are not laid properly then it can cause severe problems in the future. There are different types of methods in constructing footings. Whatever type of method you choose, always remember to choose professionals for this job, make sure that professional you choose is Sanelli Concrete.

Concrete driveway / Paths / Crossovers.

Concrete driveways/paths, crossovers are permanent, low maintenance additions to your home that can improve its appearance, give kids a safe place to ride bikes, play sport activities, decrease erosion and make cleaning your car a whole lot easier. Did you know that concrete driveways are built to outlast your lifetime! Regardless of the landscape around your home concrete driveways are a sure fit.

I prefer concrete driveways and concrete slabs over other paving materials for a variety of reasons one being that their not as susceptible to damage as other materials can be. Our concrete driveways are constructed using ready mix concrete manufactured locally using high quality aggregates and water, with a variety of design options, colour combinations, and finishes to choose from concrete driveways are as much a part of landscaping and design as bushes, shrubs, lawns and trees.

It seems all the homes that sell for top dollar these days are finished with a beautifully built concrete driveway. So there are a few things for you to consider when thinking of installing a concrete driveway in your home. One thing I forgot to mention is that building a concrete driveway or laying a concrete slab or footpath isn't everyone's cup of tea. It's hard, backbreaking work and it's a smart person that decides to hire a professional. That might be where we come in. We have been laying quality concrete driveways, concrete pathways and concrete slabs all over Melbourne for many years. We are affordable and results driven. We do all the work ourselves, from excavation to completion.


With concrete being one of the most useful building materials, there are countless applications for its use on-farm. The most common uses of concrete are for footings, slabs, shed floors, storage area floors, aprons, driveways, truck loading areas, loading docks, footings, bunkers, post footings and stockyards. With the correct method, excellent results can be achieved. Cement is made from a mixture of limestone, shale and clay which is heated to a high temperature at which point it fuses, it is then grounded into a very fine dehydrated powder and packed in moisture controlled conditions. When re hydrated with water the cement powder crystallizes and expands form calcium silicates and aluminates in a chemical reaction. Combined with sand and aggregates the mix binds together to form a strong rock like material.


Sanelli concrete provide all sorts of concreting solutions for reinstatement work to houses, factories, offices, restaurants, shops and schools. From new work to reinstatement work have Sanelli concrete come up with a personalised solution for you.

Car Park Areas

Sanelli concrete provide all sorts of concreting solutions for car park areas for factories, offices, restaurants, shops and schools. Be assured, that Sanelli concrete come up with a personalised solution for you. We are happyto talkto you regarding any part of the process.